"Wanna be rich?"

The book describes the various fears that one comes across and how these can be overcome so as to achieve one's dream of being rich in every aspect of life.

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If you are having this book with You then you have probably met our team at our office. You might have taken the most important decision of your life or have postponed it. Either way, go ahead and read this book.

You will take just one hour to complete this entire book. So grab a strong cup of tea or coffee and read it while you frnish Your drink. We have intentionally written a short book because people have little time for reading nowadays. We know that many people whom we give this book will still not read it despite it being short. lt is a flaw of human nature to avoid doing things that are useful for us. But we still request you to read through this book quicky. The insights that you wiil gain frorn this book will help you in becoming a more successful and happy indivldual.

The story so far!

This small book summarizes the understanding that we gained while guiding our clients in the Process of helping them in achieving their dreams. We prefer to call ourselves guides of this Process. Just like the guides of Himalayas. For past six decades the Sherpa people of Nepal have been acting as guide to those who want to climb to the top of Mount Everest. Have you noticed that it is very difficult to find somebody who can give you the right advice, the right guidance? Most people will give you misleading advice though their intention might not be wrong. Those who have good intentions for you also often give you ill-informed advice. Have you ever looked back at you life and felt that at some critical ppoints in your life if you had gotten the right advice, life would have been better today?In our interactions with our clients we often find that many of them do not have access to right or informed advice. They come burdened with misleading advices and notions given to them by others.

Right advice is not conventional wisdom. Right advice is specialized, unconventional wisdom that addresses the core of your problem as precisely as a laser guided missile. Most people that we meet do not realize the significance of right advice in the precess of achieving their vision or goal. Many of them come with preconceived ideas about how things move. We strive to do our best for our clients. we share all the learning, knowledge and expertise with them so that they can realize their vision.

About the Book

This book brings an understanding to readers so that they become more effective in achieving their dreams and visions. The title has been chosen because in our years of experience, we realized that many individuals are unable to fulfill their dreams because they actually dont take right decisions at the critical tirne and succumb to one fear or another.

The book describes the various fears that one comes across and how these can be overcome so as to achieve one's dream of being rich in every aspect of life.

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I read your book and was amazed to see how easily you have explained the shortfalls in our life which make us an average human being. The simplicty of the content made me feel as if I am reading my own biography. Thanks for sharing your real time thoughts which made me think again and put a step in the right direction in my life.

Mahesh Sharma

It is the first time that such a small packet has so much to think about?? The day I bought it, I never knew that we can read such thought provoking instances from this book. The story was so amazing that i managed to complete it in 2hrs. Thanks Anurag.

Deepak Awasthi

Small book yet so complete in itself. True to it's name, it makes me feel now, why haven't I gained from my daily life till now. What different do I need to do has been clearly mentioned here. Will you write anything on becoming millionaires too :) I will buy it

Anil Sethi

I must say fastest and simplest way to become successful in life. The language is simple and connects with a common man. Kudos to the authors for keeping in simple and practical

Anoop Gulati




Abhijeet Virmani is an Engineer and MBA with almost two decades of work experience. Abhijeet completed his MBA from IIM Calcutta and went on to work for consulting giants Arthur Andersen and KPMG. For the past decade Abhijeet has been on an entrepreneurial journey and has incorporated multiple companies in the areas of consulting and professional training. Abhijeet's companies have assisted over 100,000 individuals in the last then years. He is deeply interested in education and careers of young professionals. Abhijeet has received wide media coverage in print and television.

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Anurag Mehra is an engineer from IIT Delhi; an MBA from FMS Delhi University; and ME from MIT, USA. Anurag has over twenty-five years of work experience in industry, consulting and entrepreneurship. Over the last ten years, he has been involved in various entrepreneurial ventures in consulting, training & education and recruitment technology & services. He was covered by the CNBC TV-18 program "Young Turks" in 2008.

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This book will help you in becoming a more successful and happy individual.